Zach’s Ceremony

‘In Sydney, they call me a blackfella; in Doomadgee they call me a whitefella. I don’t know who I am.’
Zach Doomadgee, 2012.

This is the deeply personal conflict at the core of ‘Zach’s Ceremony,’ a coming-of-age story about a modern- day young Aboriginal kid who straddles two worlds – black and white.

Shot over the last five years, Zach’s roller-coaster life brings his turbulent relationship with his father, a proud Aboriginal man, into sharp relief as he attempts to follow in his and his ancestor’s footsteps. This is an emotional story; the narrative is personal but the message is universal.

Production Company: Wingala Films
Produced By: Alec Doomadgee, Mitzi Goldman, Sarah Linton
Directed By: Aaron Peterson